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What we do:

Powder coating is a dry finishing paint process that can be applied on a wide array of metal products. It has become more and more popular as it gives a very high-quality, protective and durable finish.  There is an almost limitless range of colours and textures available and technological advancements have resulted in excellent performance properties.

Powder coating is a high grade protective coating for all metal products. It is extremely resistant to chipping, flaking, solvents, corrosives and general wear and tear making it incredibly durable.  With several finishes available and an almost endless choice of colours it makes it ideal for a variety of needs, both decorative & practical. 

How it works:

Powder coatings are a mix of polymer resins, combined with curatives, pigments, levelling agents, flow modifiers, and other additives which are melted and mixed, cooled, and ground into a uniform powder.

To apply the powder we use a spray gun which applies an electrostatic charge to the powder particles which are then attracted to the grounded part to be coated. This process is called electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) and is typically used to coat a metal substrate.

After application of the powder coating, the parts are placed in our curing oven where the coating chemically reacts to produce long molecular chains, resulting in high cross-link density. These molecular chains are very resistant to breakdown. 

For any non metal items that require painting we offer a wet painting service whereby the paint is applied via an air fed spray gun. 


The powder coating process gives a high-quality finish and is also very environmentally friendly.  It provides a more durable finish than liquid paints can offer and reduces the risk of scratches, chipping, abrasions, corrosion, fading, and other wear issues. Its also leaves the item more resistant to moisture, chemicals, ultraviolet light, and other extreme weather conditions. 

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