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Powder Coating:

Woodmoore powder Coatings Ltd operate with box oven facilities offering a range of coatings including architectural polyester powder coatings and specialist coatings for industry across the East of England.
We have been operating for just over 5 years and with many more years’ experience between our staff working with architectural steel, aluminium, and galvanised fabrications.
For any non metallic items requiring painting we provide a wet painting solution whereby we clean, prime and air spray the item, offering a large range of colours and finishes.

Wet Painting:


At Wmpc pride our selves and believe what separates us from the rest of the competition is our packaging, all of our jobs are well protected and packaged with numa foam / carpet and bubble wrap. every job will leave our workshop on a pallet shrink wrapped with a heat wrapping process after our quality checks have been carried out 

Thermoplastic Coating:

Thermoplastic coating powders (also known as Plascoat) give long term protection of metal structures against corrosion, wear and tear and chemical attack and protects the metal down to temperatures of -70 degrees C.  Used in many applications, including railway station seating, hand rails, street lamps, stadium railings and fencing, it gives an attractive glossy coating that will remain maintenance free for decades. 

Shot Blasting:

Shot blasting is a method used to clean mild steel work ready for the powder coating process, this will give you the best finish and durability 
We can offer shot blasting process working very closely with one of our sub contracts, with all shot blasted works we can offer a guarantee of 10 years

Chemical striping:

Widely used within the automotive industry; chemical stripping can be used to refurbish alloy wheels by removing old powder coating or paint, remove contaminants, 
our tank is small but very effective, 

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